Manifesting Alternative Healing

Good Morning Beautiful Souls 🤍

I hope you’re all hanging in there, wherever you are in the world. I’ve been diligently growing my yoga dreams one day at a time. I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy, but I also knew that I was born for this. With very little money and a whole lot of hope I went for it. I knew that I had done enough healing to help lead others in their own journey.

I think Americans are lacking so much when it comes to real connection and community. Not social media community where we all pretend to be friends and pay extra for certain events and clubs. But an actual real community. One that is different then the rest.

One that does not gossip and talk shit about you. Not before class, not after class and not during class. A community that comes together in love and consistency, to support each other through ALL of the things that this world throws at us. A soul tribe whose words and actions match.

When you are a yogi at Awakened Soul Yoga, you are entering a sacred space with sacred souls. When I say I have your back it means I’m there for you and all of your muck. When your kids are my students they are also MY KIDS. You do not have to do it alone, because I will stand in the trenches with you. I will help you teach your kids the self love that was never taught to you. I will help them learn to not care what others think and to stand strong with their convictions.

We are family! We are love! We are ending suffering! We are a mess and we are humans. We are all the things and so are you.

When I tell you it’s not about the pose and how you look in the pose I mean it. Yoga is so much more then the things we practice on the mat. It’s a way of life, a way to heal, and to help others find their own lights. It’s a spiritual practice and has nothing to do with religion. Yoga is self love and alchemy. It’s integrating the shadow into our light and making love to all the parts we think are unlovable.

Yoga heals trauma and helps fight anxiety and depression and so much more. You were not born to suffer dear ones, but this is your own free will. Every year we grow a little more. We have a loyal crew who understands that yoga is a way of life. It must happen week after week and day after day. It’s more important then charging your cell phone, or paying your bills. Life is good, we do the yoga. Life is bad, we do the yoga.

Yoga helps awaken you from the slumber of your head and brings you straight into the heart. I am just as excited today as I was a couple years ago when I started out on this adventure. It’s amazing to see all the changes inside my students hearts and souls.

These friends are truly the salt of the earth. They are the light of hope and the beacons of joy that choose to shine ✨ no matter what.

I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to make time for your soul tribe. You must hang out with those who think differently and see clearly. Remember, those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. Love doesn’t have to come from a lover, it can come from a friend, a yogi, a soul tribe or even your kids.

Online classes and private lessons are available.

Love you 🤍all


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