A letter to my darkness from my light

Dear Tavia ❤️

You are kicking ass and taking names even when it doesn’t feel like it. You are not a victim to the man that you are leaving, no matter how hard it is to breathe when he’s around.

You could have never have known in a million years that this is how it would go. You found the strength to move on, and to break away from the neglect and the control.

I know it’s not easy having to see his face every single day of your life, while you trying to heal from a broken heart. In fact it really sucks and I know there are days when you ignore him and days when you can’t stand the sight of his face and you let him know it, but your still doing it. And we won’t be judging you on how you do it. 9 months is forever to still have to share space with him, but that’s not in your control.

I know that you feel everything which makes the entire situation that much harder, but you are still here, fighting for your freedom. You are still trying to build your dreams and teach self love, often times when you feel like you have very little to offer anyone.You endure the madness of your home in order to assure your future and I think it’s really fucking beautiful.

You’ve never once canceled a class or not shown up for your commitments. You continue to work your ass off to survive, and pay your bills all the while feeling like a caged animal who can’t seem to ever get away from its prey.

But here’s the thing sister girlfriend, you are closer now then you were a year ago. You have grown so much and healed so much during the meantime. One day you will be free to heal from the person who tried to break you. You are doing your best to deal with an impossible situation and you can only control yourself. You will tell your entire story one day and you will help many women struggling with the same bullshit in their lives.

I’m proud of you! I’m proud of all the fucking changes you’ve made and continue to make. I love you when your brave and I love you when your not. I love that you refuse to become a victim to anyone ever again and that you’ve learned to love yourself like never before. I love that that you are real and authentic and show your messy to the world. I love that your vulnerable and that you have the ability to love with your entire heart. I love that you learned boundaries, and that you’ve made yourself a priority for once in your life.

The next time you feel as though you can’t breathe I want you to remember where you were a year ago and then I want you to be be proud of yourself. You are exactly where you need to be and nothing could be different. You are a beautiful soul and you are going to be greatly rewarded with love and light. Keep Going ❤️ and remember that feelings are temporary and tomorrow you will sing and dance again.

You’ve got this!


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