Yoga & Yeshua Are Synonymous

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

Spirit has led me here to write to you today about Yeshua (Jesus) and Yoga. The longer I teach and practice yoga, understanding I’m always the student, the more I realize it’s the way that Yeshua lived his life.

Yoga is not only what you practice on the mat, but also the flexibility you receive in life, as you create a path to your conscious soul.

Yoga has all the fruits of the spirit and many more amazing things to learn about yourself. It is the healing center for the heart and all the centers that have been blocked over the years.

It is recharging the sprit, dusting off the aura, and aligning yourself to be the light instead of the dark. You must unlearn and relearn if you want make a difference on earth.

Yogis learn the most beautiful and most ancient language around, Sanskrit. Never ever in my 48 years did I think I’d be learning a new language, but this one seems so familiar. Like I’ve spoken it in another lifetime.

Vishuddha refers to our throat chakra, and purification . We came into this world to speak our truths and to express our uniqueness through our own individual journeys, but truly realizing that we are all one.

We are not born with amazing communication skills and unless your family is awake and conscious, then you were never taught how to listen, or to speak clearly. But yoga will help you clear your throat so you can express yourself in a healthy way.

The throat chakra is about choosing words that bring value to communication. If it’s too open you will be over-talkative, self-righteous, and gossipy.

When it’s blocked, you will be unreliable and hold inconsistent views, and you may not be able to talk at all.

The throat chakra is related to the masked self, and the pain that comes from the masked self. As a child you were consistently told to shut up, to be seen and not heard, and you were made to feel as thought your opinions were worthless. This is part of the healing process dear ones and why yoga is a gift to all who use it consistently. Yoga helps you heal that child that needs love and by learning to be still with yourself you learn to feel. And feeling is directly correlated to healing.

If you’ve had trouble with your Vishuddha wear blue, and turquoise jewelry. Meditate and strengthen your voice by singing.

Say the mantra “What I have to say is worthy of being listened to.”

Yeshua wanted to end suffering and so do I. We are the same that way, holding space for people and all of their muck. Never putting anyone or ourselves on a pedestal, because we’ve learned we are all one.


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