Here We Go

Good Morning Beautiful Souls 🤍

It’s cold in Ohio and very yucky just like the lies you’ve been told over the last few years.

Some of you know and some of you don’t know, but I received a message from spirit in 2019 and it’s said “Do not conform”, and I listened.

This began a string of unseen events in my life and with all of my relationships. You see everyone believed the lies they were being fed, but I could see through all of the smoke and mirrors. So I decided to believe spirit and not man and I walked away from 16 years in the beauty salon. If more people would have followed their hearts instead of their heads things could have been different.

But nonetheless we are here now and there’s no going back. I sacrificed the comfort of my cash for the higher good of people. I was willing to live a different lifestyle if it meant standing up for freedom. To this day my entire life has changed, and I’ve learned to do with less.

But now the truths being revealed and everyone’s about to smacked right in the face with it. Websites are being released and no matter how hard they try to suppress free speech in America, they can’t seem to quiet us all. Famous people and non famous people at dying all around us. You can’t pretend not to notice and you can’t say you don’t know anyone who was hurt by it, at least not anymore.

I’ve been shunned from every single conversation about the jab. I’ve been told continuously that I’m crazy, I’m a conspiracy theorist and that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve never been tested because that makes zero sense too.

I never-ever made anyone wear a mask when they came to my yoga class. If you wanted to wear one because it made you feel safe I respected and honor your wishes. But I never once complied with the bullshit of taking one’s free will away. I am not God! I am not Grandmother Earth, or Grandfather Sky, but yet I am one with the Divine and not one with the humans. Love and fear are two exact opposite emotions and cannot exist in the same space. Therefore I cannot teach self love while being afraid.

When I look back at how much different I was then the crowd I am proud of myself. You had free will then and you have free will now. Your money and your jobs are not your reason for living. Have you ever once asked yourself why your here? Why your on earth? It’s not to make money and die, but without ALL of this you’d still be asleep.

I was right

I was right

I was right

And that’s not ego! That’s fucking heart! I withstood the bribery, and the billion dollar fear mongering campaigns, and I think that’s exactly why I was born. To tell the truth! To use my psychic abilities! To help humans connect to their hearts and get the hell out of their heads. To teach stillness and self love! To be different then the rest, just like all the other prophets. I would say I passed the heart test with flying colors, and I’m ready to level up.

If you don’t want a cashless society better stop using your apps and start taking action. If you want a website with all the information from Pfizer get in touch with me. And please see the following picture, and understand it’s not to late to change your mind.

That’s who you cannot trust. But your intuition is your best friend. Find it and connect to it and you will change history.


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