Self Love Is The New Relationship Status

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

As a yoga teacher and a person who often struggles with self love, I felt the need to write about this today. Don’t think of self love as in those who love their ego, because this is actually the opposite of self love.

Self love means learning to choose yourself instead of everyone else. It doesn’t mean me first, it simply means me too. Self love starts with you and ends with you, but it takes a lot of undoing and redoing. Unlearning all of the bad habits you’ve had your whole life and learning new ones that support your highest good.

I can assure you of one thing, and it’s that your not afraid of the darkness, but many intensely fear the light within them. Perhaps it’s gotten really dim over the years and your not even sure if it still exists. But I promise you it’s there begging you to open it up and embrace the Divine Self. The highest self, your soul. Not your brain and not your earthly body, this is your soul we’re speaking of. The part of you that never gets old is who you want to connect with and to take advice from.

Not your silly brain and all the ideas someone else has taught you. This is your free will to show up for yourself. To become the conductor between heaven and earth. To shine so bright that others will know where to find you. To never dim to fit in because you know who you are, and you know who you serve.

We are entering a season of healing and letting go of all the people, places and things that are inauthentic to your own highest good. It will be hard to start over but we are here to help guide you. Only you know what you need and no one else can tell you.

I love you


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