Listening To My Intuition

Good Morning Dear Ones 🧚‍♂️

I hope this blog finds you well and full of presence. I was just sitting here reflecting on the last 3 years and all that we’ve been through. Without getting into all of the nonsense and the drama and I can tell you that it was never about politics, or Covid and it was all about evil that’s here on earth.

Learning to trust my intuition has been quite the process, and I still fight with it and ignore it sometimes. It’s always been with me. I’ve always been an empath, able to walk in a room and feel all of your feelings. While many humans don’t feel a fucking thing, there’s a second group of beings that feel EVERYTHING. The first group numbs themselves the whole time they are here with useless activities and pastimes, and their favorite emotion is regret. The second group has felt lost in this world like they don’t belong here, because they love so differently.

I’m a part of the group of conscious souls on earth here to awaken themselves and usher in a new earth. If I didn’t listen to my intuition and instead I went along with the crowd and trusted man, then I wouldn’t be where I am today. Still to this day I’ve never been tested for your little sickness and I never will be.

You cannot trust humans and spirit at the same time. Everyone was given a gut instinct but most people don’t know how to tune into it. They are completely disconnected from their souls and therefore unable to receive communication directly from source.

It takes time to develop your skills and to even admit that your psychic. It feels unreal but yet also like you’ve always known that you we’re at earth angel.

Learning to develop and trust and even make love to my spiritual gifts has been a blessing. There’s absolutely no reason why anyone should shy away from their own light within. We all have our own unique gifts and some of you will never open your boxes because your afraid. I beg you to get the scissors out and to cut your box up into shreds.

In the beginning of all of this I tried to warn and save as many people as I possibly could, but most of those didn’t Listen. They thought I was the crazy one and many still do. That’s your free will, but I told you then and I’ll tell you now the government doesn’t love you and they don’t care about you. They never have and they never will.

I was right about so many things that sprit shared with me. I’m over trying to wake you up and save you. I’m moving on to the next level and those who choose intuition over fear will ascend. Those who choose to play human games will remain in their heads forever. This is the beautiful part of earth, our free will.

I am an earth angel who agreed to come to earth to help save it from humans and their greed. it’s a part of my soul contract because I’m different then you and I always have been. I’m strong enough to be mocked, laughed at, made fun of and still continue on the spiritual path.

The universe can only use those that believe in magic, and I’m all about it.

If your an empath this is your time to shine! You did not get all of those feelings for no reason! You got them because your love is pure just like your beautiful heart and it’s time to light this bitch up.


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