Becoming The Oracle

Good Morning Dear Ones 🌞

I hope this blog finds you well wherever you are in the world. This morning I felt spirit leading me to write to you about my adventures into faith, so here we go.

Some of you know and some of you don’t know, but in 2019 I received a message from spirit. It was in the middle of all the nonsense. I heard a voice I swore was God and it simply said “Do not conform” and that’s it. No directions or guidance or information to follow it up. Just a warning if you will. I could have pretended it didn’t happen, and I could have kept going on with my regular life, but I didn’t.

I very specifically asked “Is that it?” “No more information?” “No guidance for where we’re headed?” “Just don’t conform?” This wasn’t a one time conversation I had with spirit. And they never answered any of my Questions no matter how loud I got, or how much I cussed. Just silence on their part. I asked those questions over and over again. Sometimes feeling so very confused, while other times feeling empowered and lucky. I’ve always been different, I’ve never fit in and I don’t want to fit into you earth club. Now I know why I was different! Now I fucking finally understand some of my life’s plan.

Fast forward to today. It’s now September of 2022 and I’m still receiving messages from above. I’ve also been able to communicate with a couple of dead people that I never knew in real life. I receive a lot more downloads and messages from spirit then I ever have in my entire life.

The ability to see through others lies is a gift from God himself, and not everyone possesses these qualities. If you have discernment then you damn well better use it, or you will lose it.

If I could give you a really brief summary of all the lies that you’ve been told it would sound a little something like this.

The world has been invaded by bad guys for over 100 years. When I say bad I mean non-human. I don’t mean black or white or democrat, or republic, or gay or straight. Those are the silly things they side tracked you with, to distract you from the agenda. No dear ones there are non human, humans all around you. Demons take on human vessels in this world so they can do their work here. Clones exist, evil is all around you, all things on TV are pretend and are there to keep you asleep.

This group exists all over the world and every single country has been infected by their greed. While I won’t be getting into all of that in this blog, I will explain more in another one.

I think the first message was a test of sorts, to see if I would listen to evil or spirit. And when I choose the ones I can’t see over the lies I could see through, I was again rewarded.

Many of you are gifted in the spiritual realm but you are afraid of what others might think of your unique gifts. But I’m here to coax you out of the shadows and into the light. We need your gifts now more then ever, even if you don’t think you can help.

We are entering a new earth and the conscious ones will be ushering in the newly awakened souls. There’s nothing to be afraid of if your souls pure and your hearts open.

Allow yourselves to be a vessel for the human healing that’s occurring on our planet. Hang out with friends who are on the same souls journey and remember that you are different for a reason.

None of this has been easy for me, but I know who I am, and I know who I serve. Do you?


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