Healing The Empath

Good Morning Dear Ones 🧚‍♂️

I know I’ve not been writing much and trust me when I tell you I miss my blog like crazy. But I’ve been over here healing my shit for the last couple of years and if you read the blog before this one then you already know.

But today I’m here and I’m ready to share with you a little bit about my healing journey, and how I turned my empathy into a superpower.

The unhealed empath is a magnet for narcissists. They come in all fucking forms! Spouses, family members, friends, co-workers, and straight up haters. You see when you have a light that’s so amazingly bright your going to attract a lot of broken people, because they are like a moth to a flame. They see your light, and they wonder how you got it and where it comes from, and they want some of it.

I didn’t use to understand this at all, but after taking the time to study myself, and empathy I’ve been able to create boundaries and to remove all of the toxic relationships from my life.

My entire life people have told me I’m different then anyone they know. I realize now it’s my aura, my energy and it introduces me before I introduce myself. your aura extends 2 of your own arm lengths wide and I have really long arms lol! And also my entire life I’ve always done more for my friends then they ever thought of doing for me. It took my sister reminding me of this to even see it for myself, and I thank her for that. It’s not cool to be the better friend, you want to have people in your life that treat you how you treat them. Not energy vampires that suck the life out of you because they have no light.

Somethings happens when your a child and you go one of 2 ways. You either become an empath who takes care of everyone else, but never yourself. Or you become a narcissist because you were hurt so bad, you decided that you were never going to feel again. So you become a master manipulator with the ability to shapeshift into those that you are around. But the narcissist never has any sense of self. Underneath all of the masks, and the pretend nice guys and girls, is a little kid who hates themselves.

There’s a complete imbalance in the both of them. The empath never chooses herself, she’s co-dependent AF, and she doesn’t know how to feel her own shit because she’s to busy making sure everyone else is ok.

She never puts herself first because she doesn’t think she’s important enough. She’s always taking care of everyone else and making them feel better. And I know because this was me, my entire life until I learned how important I am. It took so much trauma and drama over the last 5 years for me to be where I am today.

When my best friend died from cancer I couldn’t even process it. I was busy taking care of everyone else and trying my best to be there for her. It’s only been in the last year that I feel as though I’ve finally come to grips with it all.

Empaths grow up in messed up homes and will have to overcome so much pain during their lives. Each situation bringing them one step closer to their hearts.

If you decide to heal your going to lose all the narcissistic people in your life. They only like you when they can manipulate and control you. They only like you when you make them feel important and when you tell them they hurt you they are not going to respond kindly. I’ve been ghosted, I’m getting a divorce, and I lost so many people that I thought loved me. When in all reality they don’t have the capacity to love. They can pretend, they can lie, cheat, manipulate, shame and blame with the best of them, but they don’t understand what love is.

I choose healing over remaining the same., but only when the internal pain of staying the same became to much to bear. I had to become the butterfly and go through my metamorphosis, in complete darkness by myself.

I became a spiritual hermit so I could learn once and for all to use my words no matter what. I never realized how unbalanced all of my relationships were and now it’s not like that anymore.

Yes it’s lonely in the beginning, but it’s was more lonely to be surrounded my fake ass people then it is to be alone.

Speak your truth and take time to heal your heart. Learn to watch what everyone does and don’t listen to a word they say. Actions always speak louder then words.

Understand that you will be hurt over and over again until you understand your worth. Then my loves shits about to get real!

I miss you dearly


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