What Happens When You Trust Spirit & NOT Humans

Some of you don’t know me very well or much about my yoga journey, but this is how and when I jumped all in ❤️

It’s been scary and fun and crazy and amazing ❤️ growing a new business in the middle of the shitstorm!

I’ve been ridiculed, talked about, and made fun of (even in my own house) and if you were wondering I would do it all over again

Faith has brought me here
Hard work and authenticity will take me the rest of the way

And every single no
Every smack in the face
Every hurts that was brought to the surface
Did not stop me from doing what I was born to do 💡

Alchemy 🧘‍♀️
I’m a transmuter you see.

I help turn pain into love and it’s quite a beautiful process. I’m a mystic, an Oracle, a truth teller, a psychic, if you will. But only because I passed the test and I can be trusted with the next assignment.

What a ride this has been since I decided to to say no to the Government

Imagine where we would be if everyone said no

I was given this life because I’m strong enough to live it

No wonder I’ve been so full
Of emotions and feelings lately

Everyone thought I was nuts for doing this and no one understood why ❤️

I’m guessing some of you still don’t see where we’re headed, and maybe your lucky to be in the dark????

It marks the beginning of an end and the end of a beginning

But also the infinite circle of healing my own heart


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