The Chakras

No more good morning as I learned it means mourning. Good Day Divine Humans, I miss you in the blogging world, but I’m over here sharing my light with the souls who need illuminated.

As you learn about yourself the chakras play such an important part in your healing and in your balancing of the self 🧘‍♀️

Today we’re discussing the blockages that occur in the body and what causes them and perhaps a few side effects.

There’s so much information on the chakras that I’m going to be creating an online workshop for those who want to learn more.

The root chakra ❤️ is blocked by fear.
It comes from an unbalanced and unsafe child hood and it could cause you to have a hemorrhoid.

The Sacral Chakra 🧡 is blocked by guilt.
It comes from feeling like your always on fight or flight mode AKA survival mode.
It could cause anxiety and depression

The Solar Plexus Chakra 💛 is blocked by shame.
It can be caused by allowing the brain to do all of the thinking.
You could struggle with self love and laziness.

The Heart Chakra 💚 is blocked by grief.
When the heart is caged it causes many issues inside and out all stemming from your childhood.
It can cause you to not be able to forgive, to think critically of yourself and others, and it could also create issues in giving and receiving.

The Throat Chakra 💙 is blocked by dishonesty.
It’s caused by a plethora of physical, emotional,and spiritual issues.
It can cause your throat to be full of nonsense and you will be trying to clear it all of the time with no success. The lies are eating you from the inside out. You may also find yourself being overly critical and judgmental of others and you gossip a lot.

The Third Eye Chakra 💜 Is blocked by illusions.
We’re unable to see the blind spots or maybe unwilling.
You feel disconnected from everything and everyone, yourself included. Can’t sleep correctly and might have a sensitivity to light.

Crown Chakra 💟 Is Blocked by ego.
You will feel greedy, the need to dominate and lots of depression.

Blocked is just another word for unbalanced.

Next week we will take a look at the chakras that could be to open instead of closed.

Yoga will help you balance your body and your mood.


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