New beginnings require depth over distance

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

I’ve been a little bit quiet on the blog lately but I’m often perplexed just watching the world and the humans that take up space on Earth.

We’ve had some of the most beautiful skies in the last couple of days that I knew it was a reminder of all the good that’s still to come.

I haven’t written much about my break up because it’s been kind of messed up over here. Everything I thought would happen has not happened and after months of absolutely no forward progress on my ex’s part I had to find the money to file for divorce.

He said so many things for so many months and never once took the action to match his words. I tried to give him the sweetest deal around (I wanted zero 401k and zero stocks)I did want alimony because I just wanted out, but of course he said no. He actually said “I’m not going to make this easy on you” No Shit Sherlock . I want my new life to begin and I want to rebuild what he’s destroyed inside the walls of this home. Actual walls yes! They are missing in our dining room and they have been for well over a year and a half.

And while the half assed projects are annoying they don’t begin to annoy me as much as living with a liar. In January I tried to tell him it was over and he wouldn’t listen. February was the exact same situation. By the time March got here and it was spring break, he had to deal with my choices because I wasn’t going to Florida with him.

We sat down together and told our daughter that things weren’t working out. He said he would move out and we could keep the house and we would try to be friends and create a healthy space for her to finish her senior year.

Fast forward to the end of July and we’re all still here doing the things we’ve always done. He just got back from his 5th vacation this year but you know he’s doing it for me. Ha ha ha!

I will be talking about this more and more because it’s time to tell the truth finally. It’s time to reclaim my freedom and my love and to help the ladies who might need a little extra love. They say one doesn’t really get to break up with an unhealthy partner they more have to escape and I’ve been doing just that. Abuse doesn’t just occur with hands, but with words and neglect, and control.

If your going through a break up, Don’t waste to much time worrying about the other persons because this is your time sis. It’s time to show your daughter and your granddaughter what love looks like and how a women should be adored. If you don’t love you then you will always be licking the bottom of someone else’s shoe for attention. Don’t do it.

I love my bravery, and I love myself so very much for the first time in my entire life. I love that I walked away from a career and said no to money. I love that I was brave enough to start a new yoga business and to do things my way. I love that I’m about to embark on the biggest and boldest adventures of my life yet, and that I was strong enough to do it while being shamed inside my own home.

The most ironic thing about it all is that even after all the delays and stubborn actions on his part it will all end the same. With me being free and the court diving our equitable assets. In the meantime I’ll keep doing my thang, and helping others find their hearts.

I love you 🤍


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