The chosen ones

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

I hope this blog finds your heart today. We’ve been going through so much here on earth and it’s a good thing most of you can’t see what’s actually happening. Many of you are side tracked with earthly issues but those are not the real problem.

GiGi’s Girl

You see my friends your feelings are all completely normal and there’s nothing wrong with anger, but there is something wrong if you can’t get past it. There’s also a problem if it’s the only emotion you feel comfortable sharing. Because anger is a surface emotion and below it is a whole slew of other unresolved feelings.

There’s a problem if your phones piss you off and social media makes you angry, but yet you choose to keep partaking in all the little cults.

You see my friends many lifetimes ago the chosen ones agreed to come here and to help save the earth from greed and lust and sex and more. But they had to be placed in normal families and grow up in some really messed up situations in order to remember who they are.

Now comes the fun part because these Earth Angels are stepping into their spiritual gifts and they are already lighting up this world up. In fact their energies have already changed the trajectory of our planet which was to help heal on earth by loving and teaching the light.

To be chosen means that you have been given a special assignment and you were brave enough to follow the instructions. To be chosen means that you communicate with spirit directly and you do not conform to earths standards for happiness. You live here amongst them, but your light has always been different.

You’ve never understood fitting in a box and you don’t even own a box. You speak your truths when others do not. You do not live the same 7 day week as everyone else, and you understand that time is an illusion. You do not get your self worth from people, places or things because you know all that you need is inside you.

You have always marched to the beat of your own drum and now it’s time for you to unite with your soul tribe and to step out of the darkness and into the light.

The chosen ones are doing exactly what they were born to do and it’s fucking beautiful.

I am being called to warn you not to drink any alcohol on July 4th or 5th as there are things occurring with CERN that day.

I am chosen because I will listen and I will respond to what I’m supposed to do. I cannot make you listen I can only be the Oracle and allow the messages to flow through.

You must spend time with others that are like you.


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