The New Dimension

Good Morning Dear Ones

I hope this blog finds you well. So much is happening here on earth with the humans and the animals.

Love is taking over and it always wins. People are waking up from their human forms and embracing their spirits like never before.

As the shift continues please understand that all relationships that aren’t aligned with love and presence will not survive.

But you will be given new friends and family that come from the light. Everyone has free will but not everyone is a light worker, and not everyone is ready to ascend beyond the human ego.

It is ok! Everyone has their own karma to play out or to heal. Humans have lost their colors and are pretty much dull and grey. But those who decide to let the love in will begin to light up this world.

The spiritual industry is about to boom at an all time high, because many friends are stepping into their gifts and embracing their psychic abilities. The days of greed are going to be behind us and many won’t like it. Nonetheless it’s happening.

My entire life I’ve had people say the same thing to me over and over again “Did you know your psychic?”

I always smiled and said oh yeah, but my human brain said these people are crazy. I didn’t believe them but it turns out they were right and I was wrong. I do have a light that’s unique and only some people can see it, while others are afraid of it because it shines right on your own demons.

I’ve always been an empath so I’ve been able to feel all of your feelings, good and bad. In fact I can walk in a room and tell you who is real and who is fake and no one needs to open their mouth. But since I’ve decided to embrace my spirit and get the hell out of my human head, my systems are upgrading and my light grid is enhancing.

My gifts are expanding and my soul tribe is forming. We are stepping into out of our earthly roles and right into our spiritual roles.

Do not judge those who want to stay the same, but understand they can’t be a part of your new dimension. The 3d is a very low vibing frequency that most humans spend their entire lives at. It’s unconscious, it’s asleep, it’s a robot, it’s a program, it’s greed, envy, pride, anger, resentment, sameness, bitterness, division, ego, separation, and lack. It’s groundhogs day, it’s don’t look up.

5d is love, love, love! It’s abundance it’s fulfillment, generosity, it’s patient and kind, it never judges and it’s full of hope and all the colors of the rainbow. It has more then enough always and it lives in the now. It’s the most beautiful place in earth and you can get there if it’s your mission.

You are not a human and your money doesn’t even matter in the next world, so check your ego at the door and level up.

🤍 Tavia

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