Why I quit hair to teach yoga

Of you know and some of you don’t know

But…………, When all of the lies started a couple
Of years ago God sent me a message and he simply said “Do not conform”.

He didn’t give me any details and he didn’t answer any of my questions that I had. He didn’t give me any more instructions or reasons as to why I was to follow his voice and not man’s voice.

I felt afraid, excited, scared, confused, alone, and so much more that I will be sharing with you in detail in my book. But it’s not easy that’s I want you to know.

I had a choice to make and it was either listen to spirit or do as everyone else does. I said to God but everyone will think I’m crazy. He was quiet. I said God what about money, and bills and my family? He was quiet. I said what if my husband doesn’t believe me and my kids think I should see a therapist? I said why me? I said are you sure? I said all of the things and he was quiet. I cussed at him even and I’m not afraid to tell you.

Fast forward 2 years and I understand that the teacher is always quiet during the test. I was given an assignment and then he waited patiently as I worked my way through my human fears.

I made them friendship bracelets

My gut knew all along that something wasn’t right but I had no one on my side, in human form. They all just wanted me to conform and do what was ever asked of me. Just wear the mask Tavia, just do what they want Tavia, just be a good little afraid girl like the rest of the world. I refused a trip to Disney because I was not wearing a stupid mask to fly. I missed the trip to Disney this year because I’m getting a divorce and we were supposed to take our granddaughter for the first time.

I’m not like the world! I will never be of this world even though I’m in it, and I will never ever forget how alone I felt over the last 2 years.

I trust that I will be fully taken care of and that I already have more then I could ever need in my heart and in my house.

I will be remembered by the kindness I gave away, the generosity I shared through kindness rocks, and the voice that didn’t just complain. The one who actually took action to make a change and to stand up for her future and the children who’s lives they couldn’t tame.

I’ve been waiting to share a little but I have so much more to say.

I learned what love truly during the craziest times of our lives and I will always be a beacon of light and hope in the middle of the shitstorm.

My gift is authenticity and because of the darkness and I can step into the light.

Thank you to those of you who loved me wrong because I learned how to love me right ❤️

The loyal, loud and real Tavia

Thank you for your donations to help the kids and bring yoga to all the places.

Thank you to those of you who believe in my impractical magic and invited me into your homes and your hearts I love you

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