To all my weirdos

Good evening Dear Ones 🤍

I’m writing tonight to find all of my friends who refused to fit in. The ones who didn’t like school and have always felt as though they didn’t quite belong here.

This is your time and earth needs your light. You were born unique for a reason and you refused to be lulled asleep by all of the things the world tried to teach you.

The rebels, the misfits, the people who don’t fit in a box, this is your earth now. You asked to come here and help save the planet from greed, ego, consumerism, lies, and evil. I know you don’t remember, and your not supposed to all at once anyways. It’s a bit of a process when you awaken, but if you learned everything at once your little brain would short circuit, and we don’t want that.

So little by little you realize that your different is actually your super power and that waking up is your gift to the world.

Hang out with other people like you, taking the time to be still in yoga and meditation. Keep your vessels clean so that you might be able to receive the spirit and do whatever it asks of you.

As your light gets brighter you will help others that are just like you. And you will also repel many that are of a lower vibrating frequency. All of this must occur to upgrade your souls.

Do your thang and do it proudly, even if your afraid. We are lighting up this world like never before and it’s the most beautiful thing to witness, and be apart ofz


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