I am woman ❤️

Good Morning Dear Ones

I know I’ve not been writing like I normally do, but I’ve been trying to leave my relationship, while building a brand new business, in the middle of a world shit storm.

But tomorrow is my birthday and it’s right in the middle of all the magical things happening in the universe. We have Friday the 13th, eclipses, retrogrades and more. It’s only right that I step into my light and out of the shadows today.

My Mothers Day

It’s not your darkness that your afraid of, because we all live in our suffering until we wake up. It’s your light that scares the shit out of you. Your greatness is out of this world but it doesn’t come from a bank account or an outside accomplishment. This kind of healing only comes from doing the work on yourself.

So I showed up for me. I spent so much time with Tavia that I learned what she likes and what she hates. Not what someone else told me to like, but what I truly want to like. I unfucked myself if you will. Meaning I took away all of the unwritten laws I was living by, and learned new universal laws.

I stopped doing anything on autopilot and worked on creating a brand new conscious energy in my life. I created boundaries with anyone and everyone that threatens my peace. I don’t owe anyone shit and neither do you.

I removed myself from all situations that were fueled by toxic talk or behaviors, and I focused on creating a new circle of friends ready to heal and move forward.

It’s not been easy, but I was given this assignment because I’m strong enough to fulfill it.

We come to earth to learn to love. I only remember one marriage in my lifetime where I thought the man adored the woman, and that was my Grandpa Charlie and my Grandma Nance. I want that! I deserve that, and I will love myself alone until I attract the love I deserve. They were happy because their life was simple. One day soon my home will feel like love again and the door will be open for friends.

I will show my daughter what love truly looks like. Not control, not autopilot, not settling, not conforming, but opening up and allowing real love to flow. And maybe it’s not relational love but self fucking love.

The world has been such a shitty place that I just wanted my house to be full of love.

I miss you🤍


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