Mother’s Day Truths

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

It’s Mother’s Day here in the states and I’m feeling led to unpack some of the feelings around the Holiday.

There’s so many unresolved traumas, feelings and emotions around this day, that I’d like to first start by saying all of your feelings are welcome here.

The mother wound and the toxic relationships are a real thing that many of us carry around with us today. Trying to figure out a way to heal it and love our kids differently.

Some people have a mom they love and adore and she’s all the things that we longed for.

Some people have a mom in heaven and that makes this day really fucking hard.

Some people are estranged from their mothers because they are unhealthy and they have learned how to have boundaries and are doing their best to create a new path for the future.

Some people love their moms and don’t have the slightest clue that they are carrying out unhealthy, co-dependent relationships with them.

Some people hate their mom because she wasn’t able to protect them and keep them safe.

I could go on and on with my scenarios but I won’t. I want you to understand that wherever you are, and however you feel it’s ok.

There’s absolutely no right or wrong when it comes to these kinds of things, and you don’t need to feel bad for whatever it is that your feeling today.

Do not compare your joy or your pain to anyone else’s, because that will only make you feel worse. You are aloud to feel anything and everything about today that you want to feel.

You are also aloud to change your mind from year to year, about how you feel and where you are on this topic. You are a beautiful soul and you’ve experienced so much hurt and love in your lifetime, that I think it’s amazing that your here to talk about it.

We must learn to hold space for each other. This means listening without offering advice or comparison. It means listening without fixing. It means seeing someone and not felling sorry for them, but loving them through whatever they are going through.

You are not alone today. You are not wrong in whatever you feel and in whatever you think. I hope this blog helps you be less judgmental and way more loving with yourself.

I love you


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