Waiting To Exhale

Good Day Dear Ones 🤍

When I was younger Whitney Houston was in a move called waiting to exhale. I liked the move but I had no clue what the title meant until many years later.

Now as a yoga teacher and after enduring the effects of the last 2 years and the plandemic, I’m actually able to fucking breath again.

I was called upon to do the work of the spirit. To be the change the earth needs. To pick love over fear, and faith over money, and it was yet again one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

I’ve felt alone in my life many times, but this one really tops the cake. I am an empath and I have certain psychic abilities. I always have, even when I tried to ignore them or be in denial about them. I’m a feeler, and when I’m around others I feel their energy. It’s the kind of thing that makes the hairs on your arm stand up and perhaps the feeling of goosebumps. It’s what the world is missing when it comes to balance, but many are entering their spirits and leaving the ego behind.

I live in a really small town and the opinions ran rampant on social media. The fear was mass produced and the energy given to the entire situation will leave many traumatized for years to come. Others won’t be affected at all because they were a part of the evil. But, no matter what anyone else did, or maybe I should say did not do, we all had free will.

Some of us are here to be like the world, and some of us are here to teach the world what really matters. I must have said to a dozen friends and family members “I don’t know why your trusting the government, because they don’t love you, and I do love you.” But it didn’t matter because fear was ruling it all.

It didn’t matter when I brought about factual Evidence that made no sense. For example: “you can’t contact trace a virus unless it’s contained!’” Was it ever contained? NO.

Next when the hell have you ever even dealt with the health department? For me it was when I was 17 and I just had a baby and I needed some formula. But other then that absolutely zero contact with them for any reason. So why on earth would I listen to their advice? and I could go on and on but we won’t give that nonsense any more energy then it already has been given. And I will refer to it as nonsense because that’s what it all was.

I quit my career and walked away because I refused to mask clients under a dryer with bleach on their heads for money. No thank you! Take my license and get out of my space. I will not conform! I will not be afraid! I will not teach others to be afraid. I will not talk shit and do nothing. I will stand alone and do what I have to do. I will lose everything if that’s what had to happen to be the salt of this earth.

My daughter and I never got a test once! Ever!

We never quarantined once! Ever!

We did not comply and now finally I can breathe again. I can say I see that it wasn’t all for nothing. It’s not about me being right and you being wrong my friends because that’s all ego. It is about having discernment and the wisdom to see through the evil schemes of the world. It’s about doing the inner work so I could hear the call from above. And then not only do you hearing what I’m supposed to do, but actually fulfilling and acting on it. That’s part of the spiritual world! Finding stillness through meditation so you can hear what source has to say to you. But the second part is that you must take action when your called, or you will be stuck in your fear forever.

I don’t know where I’m headed and I’m for sure starting over, but I’m excited to be in the now.


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