Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

I’m cuddled in my bed drinking a cup of coffee with the windows opened listening to the birds chirp and I couldn’t feel more content.

My life has changed so much in the last couple of years, and it’s going to continue to be different. As I grow as a soul, I need a lot less, and find that I have much more then I could ever imagine.

I am going to love the most simple life I possibly can for the rest of my days in earth.

I’m going to continue to teach self love, and stillness through yoga and meditation. I’m going to work with more kids and more families to connect in a healthy way so that we might create a new kind of world that doesn’t have so much trauma to heal. A world that knows how to have heavy conversations around healing and letting go. A world that parties way less and loves way fucking more.

I myself simply crave real. Real people. Real love. Real conversations of the heart. I avoided myself for sooooooo long that I wasn’t even sure I was still in there.

But through lots of alone time I’ve been able to recapture my divine self. I won’t be avoiding any parts of my life anymore, as I choose to dive in head first to the unknown. Trusting the Universe will see me through and reward me for being different.

You won’t find me in any of my old hangouts because I’m always at home with myself. Or maybe with my yogis, or in the back yard barefoot. But I’m happier then I’ve ever been. I’m so proud of myself for letting go of the people who don’t love me and for creating a new world for people to simply be seen in.

I won’t partake in small talk and gossip but I will spread out the blanket and lay with you for hours if you want to talk about ourselves. I won’t flinch when you tell me the ugliest things about your life, because you are not those things. You are a beautiful souls stuck in a human body waiting to learn how to set yourself free.

Today it’s going to be warm again and it’s been cold in Ohio for way too long. I will be in the garden, and barefoot all day grounding with Mother Earth.

I hope you find your contentment 🤍

Love Tavia

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