Is it only in the states?

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

Whatever you celebrate this Easter I hope it resembles love.

And with that I have a few questions to ask the world. It seems that here in the United States we’ve been sold so many lies that I wondered if it’s only like that here?!?? Or is it everywhere?

It seems to me that I can find very few marriages around me that I actually see and feel the frequency of love in. I’m serious I can count them on one hand.

I see a lot of fake shit all over social media but we already know that it’s pretend. So where does all of this come from? How do we grow up in homes with absolutely zero emotional connection and then think we can create a home full of love?

Open Hearts

This is not about judgment and it’s all about discernment. Please do your research and learn the difference because that’s a whole different topic and I’m not covering it today.

I grew up in an emotionally unstable, unsafe, unpredictable environment. I don’t think I was seen or heard very often and my family was not emotionally intelligent and they did not have the presence to heal their hurts. Therefore they passed them on, unknowingly.

When you did not have your needs met as a child then chances are you will find yourself walking around as an adult playing out the exact same roles. This also is NOT bad! It’s every single one of us until we decide to wake up and heal our shit. If your dad was an asshole to your mom, chances are you married an asshole and your unconsciously playing the roles you’ve always played. Flip the script with the man and woman and it’s all still the same. You are creating the exact same environment you we’re raised in. All of it unconsciously, and without malice. You are just doing what everyone before you did.

I did this also! I choose to be in relationships and friendships where people we’re simply emotionally unavailable. Someone can’t give you what they don’t have to give. But you can choose to give it to yourself. To create a new space where you can breathe, and grow and simply learn to love yourself all over again.

Why is it common to have sex like robots and to feel absolutely zero intimacy inside the walls of your own home? Why are there so many unhealed grown men and women running around in adult bodies, acting like teenagers that never grew up? Why do you pretend that a relationship makes you happy when it’s the furthest thing from the truth?!? Just look around you!

We all deserve love for no reason at all and until you love you, you will always be chasing the same karma.

It’s not easy to create new beginnings but it’s fucking worth it! If you want to love you come do yoga with us! We are all learning and healing together.

The ONLY thing you truly need is unconditional love

The ONLY thing your kids truly need is unconditional love

And the only thing we all are after is love 🤍

Guess who blocks the flow of receiving their God given rights?



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