Universe…..what’s my souls mission?

I said
Universe I’m ready for a new life 🤍

I’m wanting to find my soul and I want to stop living the earthly way ✌️

The Universe answered
Tavia first you must remove all of the obstacles in your life that do not resemble love 🤍

Toxic family members
All co-dependent relations

Because only you decide what comes and what goes

We’re going to take you from chasing to attracting and your souls strong enough to do it

I said
Who will be left if I choose myself?

Who will still love me if I’m not the broken version of me?

And the universe replied 🤍

You will create a new space for those souls that are just like yours

The ones ready to heal will appear and those who are not will disappear ✌️

It won’t be easy as we reveal to you the truths about all of your relationships, but it will be enlightening

You must be ready to receive
All that you’ve given

Stay strong
Do as we say
Not as the world says
And you will be highly rewarded for your bravery and your ability to go against the norm 🧘‍♀️

Ok universe
Ok 🤍

I trust you
I know I’m different for a reason
I understood (I am trying my best)the assignment

That story is not made up
I’m still creating the ending and I’m so very blessed by my new soul tribe 🤍

From my crew to yours
Whatever you celebrate this weekend
We’re choosing love


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