Being who you are changes everything

Soul worker 🤍
Feelings aren’t bad
You are love
Be still and find your heart

Some people will tell you I’m lazy because I quit my job and listened to spirit.

Others will tell you I’m brave.

Neither really matters to me because I don’t get my worth from this earth. Your opinions are just that, yours. As you grow you learn to get your worth from the inside and that is called wisdom.
I’m taking direct orders from spirit and they do not co-exist with the worlds way of doing things.

You see, you are spirit and you will find your heart before you leave our earth.
But what’s really amazing is when you wake up and you still have lots of time left here. Because then you get to become a light worker, an earth angel and activate others through love.

Understanding that you were never called to fit in because your way to magical to be normal.

Earth says one thing, but spirit says another.

You know the part of you that never ages?!??
That’s who you are, but you think you are your thoughts.

You are a soul in a body and the sooner you find your spirit the more light you can shine into the world.

It is in the stillness of life that you can hear the whispers of the soul calling you home.




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