They said……

I had a dream
That one day
I would just fly
Fly away 🤍

They said you can’t be a writer you didn’t go to school ✌️

They said you can’t love people you don’t even know 🤍

They said you can’t write in purple and pink and own a business ✌️

They said you can’t use stickers in your business 🤍

They said you can’t have another yoga studio in this town ✌️

They said you can’t be happy because your so broken 🤍

They said I had to live their version of who I am…..dogma✌️

They said I should get a job

They said so many things that I have to remove all the toxicity from my own thought process

But in doing so I found me 🤍

Not the version of the world that you think I should be

Not the box that you put me in or the past that you wish to persecute me with

Because I am worthy of ALL the love

I am a daughter of the One True King and my mission has never been the same as yours

The voices and the expectations that anyone else puts on you are not yours to own

You have permission to set it all down and to create all new agreements for your future

May you be brave and bold and messy AF as you continue into the new world 🌎

Surrounding yourselves with the frequency of love and staying away from all things fear


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