Learning to receive

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

I’ve been going through it all over here just as you have. You are not alone in your journey, and we are all connected.

When I quit doing hair in 2020, because spirit told me not to conform, every single bit of my life changed. I spent 2 years with myself. Writing, doing yoga, teaching yoga, healing, sleeping, giving up alcohol, removing toxic relationships and being very, very picky with whom I spend my time with.

As a child of abandonment and trauma I have had a lot to overcome. Where many people had a normal life, I was never ever safe. This caused many issues in my adult life until I decided it was time to understand me better.

I learned so very much about Tavia and who she truly is versus the stories other people tell about me. My love language is words of affirmation, so it’s a double edge sword if you use your words to harm me.

We are all responsible for ourselves and the situations we are in. We will always attract the same lessons, until we choose to understand and heal it.

If you choose to heal and create a new path, understand fully that your entire life will change for the better. As you learn to feel and receive love, your spirit begins to glow differently.

I spent my whole fucking life on fight or flight, never understanding the trauma that occurred to me. And trust me when I tell you that you are not supposed to live that way. Most people don’t even know what calm is because they have never felt it in their entire life.

But guess what’s really amazing?!?? Yesterday one of my students told our class that her daughter, who is in kindergarten told her the other day “I am calm”! And that made my heart do a backflip! I didn’t even know what the word calm was when I was in school.

And now I get to bring the peace to you!

You can’t receive love with a closed heart, you can’t receive help with a closed fist, and you can’t grow into spirit with a closed mind.

You are worthy of love for NO reason at all!

Do you hear me?

You are not your accomplishments, titles, bank accounts, or achievements! You are not your mistakes, you are a beautiful soul put here to love.


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