When Spirit CALLS

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

I’m snuggled in my bed with a warm cup of coffee writing to you. It’s freezing here in ohio and I’m not sure when spring might join us.

April really is the new year because it’s when everything comes back to life. Babies are born and flowers bloom, and it’s just a little reminder that you made it through the cold dark winter.

I understood the assignment

If I said I understood the last couple of years in its entirety that would be a complete fabrication of facts. I received a message from spirit to not conform, but it sure as shit didn’t come with any directions.

And let me tell you that it’s hard as hell to do something when everyone thinks your absolutely insane. I have never felt more judgment in my entire lifetime then I have for my choices over the last 2 years.

I sooooooo wanted support and love along the journey from those that were close to me. But as I continued to teach and do yoga, I was able to hear the messages from the soul instead of the ones from the head. I wanted my family and my friends to be proud of me, and to support me ever if they didn’t understand.

But it actually just began to tear me apart. I remember a conversation with my husband and I asked him if I should listen to Spirit, and what I was being directed to do? Or should I listen to his idea of what my life should be like?!? Some of you were put here to live in a box and check off your lists. And that’s ok! No judgment here! But some of us were put here to do things outside of the box. To color outside of the lines. To connect with our infinite wisdom through healing and meditation so that we can remember who the fuck we are.

I didn’t choose this life I was chosen. We are ALL the same. We are ALL love. We are walking each other home. We are ALL connected. We are all light and dark. We are all responsible for our own lights and our own energy.

I will continue on into the path of the unknown, trusting that I will be blessed for making a change and creating love in a world full of masks.


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