What is love?

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

I know I’ve not been writing very much because I myself am often perplexed and lost on earth. Some of the people here have changed over the last couple of years, and yet others are exactly the same.

I don’t claim to understand it all but I have known for a while that none of what has occurred has been from love.

So if we as humans don’t understand love then how can we possibly share love? I think the only way to understand what it is, is to take a apart what it isn’t.

And I’m not coming to you from a religious view point! I’ve outgrown religion and headed straight for spirituality because, creation is love and not separation. Religion is about division and love is about togetherness.

Light Workers 🤍 Earth Angels

We can get some really good information from the Bible about love. The fruits of the spirit help you understand that love is patient and it’s kind. It’s not arrogant and it’s doesn’t boast or brag. It’s not controlling and it cannot be contained to a little box. It’s doesn’t come from a place of lack or need for anything, because it has it’s own vibration and frequency.

It doesn’t say “If you loved me you would…..”, because that doesn’t resemble love dear ones, that’s control and fear. Most humans have no clue whatsoever what love really is.

They are walking around on autopilot, living 95% of their entire lives asleep. I too was just like you, until I had the courage to listen to the spirit. I had to heal all the things I’ve avoided my entire life. I had to give up people, places, and things that did not align with my souls purpose, in order to create new beginnings.

Maybe your here to wake up from yourself. Maybe you’ve been here before and you left yourself clues along the way to wake up sooner. Maybe you understand that love doesn’t come from a thought but from the heart.

You can’t love anyone until you love yourself. When I decided to quit drinking for an entire year, I began to see things differently. When peoples words and actions didn’t match, I just watched to see what would happen. I can only control me. My souls journey on earth is an epic one and I fully understand why I’ve never been like you.

We are all connected and we all want love, whether you admit it or not. When your ready to expand beyond the thinking mind come to one of my classes. We are doing the soul work on earth and it’s fucking beautiful. You must be willing to get past your own mind, thoughts and beliefs in order to expand to the next soul level.

Can’t make it in person?!? I can meet you online and help you evolve beyond your ego, and your personality.

I had to go through hell and back to find out what love was, but I’m so worth it, and so are you.

Love is a vibration

Love is a frequency

Love is an energy that’s alive

Love has no strings attached

Love is given for no reason at all

And love cannot be received with a clenched heart. I once believed I was the reason that someone couldn’t love. They convinced me it was my fault they had bars on their heart. That I was so awful that I caused them to go up. And the sad part about that is that I really believed that for a long time. But as I learned Svadhyaya, the study of one’s self, I learned how to let go of lies that weren’t true.

You can’t receive love with a clenched heart, which means you can’t give it either. We all have free will and we are all walking each other home. You are worthy of love for no reason at all. You are worthy of being adored and admired and treasured for simply being you.

May you be brave enough to find stillness and do the soul work while you are here. I love you, hold tight.


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