I made of list of all things I need to be happy

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

I made a list of all the things I need to be happy and it turns out there was only one thing on the list.


But I did give up a whole bunch of other things in order to find the frequency of love. In order to align to a higher vibration, I myself had a lot of work to do.

As you know from a past blog I haven’t drank alcohol in an entire year. This has made my brain clearer, my glasses less foggy, and my soul a whole hell of a lot brighter. All in all it’s made my spirit alive again and my heart wide open and ready to receive love.

But I also got rid of another addiction that made me avoid feeling. I cut off my credit cards and decided I wasn’t going to shop my feelings away anymore. This one was quite enlightening because just like the alcohol I found a connection in wanting to avoid myself.

I learned how much shit I don’t need, and I also learned how to feel whatever it was that was happening to me in that moment. I learned how to do with way less and I was completely changed by what happened to us in 2020.

I received a message from God that told me not to comply. You can believe be or not, it doesn’t really matter to me. My mission on earth is between him and I and not you and I. I wasn’t exactly impressed with his amount of information and his unwillingness to reveal anything else to me.

I may have rolled my eyes, and even cussed a little bit. But I knew that I had to do what he said. And this was yet another hard battle that I had to endure alone. As most people I loved thought I was absolutely insane. They did not, and could not understand what I was doing, but that’s because it’s a spiritual mission. And I’ve been telling you for a long time this world is lacking the spirit all together.

So of course God (spirit, universe, divine source, call it what you will but it’s love) has to use someone like me who will go against the ways of this world and listen to his plan. Women of the Bible and in history make a difference in the world by being different then the world, not by fitting in.

I found that all I needed in this life time was love. And anything that gets in the way of love had to be kindly removed. I don’t blame anyone for anything because I’ve healed that part of me. We are always responsible for all of our relationships and our choices in life. We will repeat the exact same behaviors until we learn the lesson and then we will create the love we lost when we were little.

Most people never wake up until they are really old. There’s no judgment from me about when you awaken, because are all walking each other home. We are all the same. We are all connected. We are all the light and the dark.

The answer to every problem is you.

You can’t save anyone except for yourself and it was never your place to save your kids or your families or your friends. It’s your job to become the light! To find your heaven on earth and to share it with the world.


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