I spent the entire last year alcohol free and here’s how it went

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

I hope this blog finds you somewhere safe inside your hearts. Even if the world is crazy you are not alone, and I am here for you.

I did a little thing, or maybe it’s a big one?!? But I’m proud of myself and I learned a whole lot about feeling instead of avoiding. I thought it was weird to tell people I don’t watch TV, but when you tell them you don’t drink they really look at you like your crazy.

First things first, I don’t judge you or anyone who drinks. This is my own journey to heal my heart and soul and this is the path that I’ve chosen to take.

In the beginning I was triggered a lot by people and feelings that I didn’t want to cope with. The very first thing I would think to myself as I was struggling was “I need some wine”, or “I can’t handle this shit”!

I saw a theme that came with my alcohol and it was that I didn’t want to deal with anything sober, and that I could totally avoid it by staying buzzed all the time.

A lot of things have changed for me and my entire life over the last year. As I’ve become a yoga teacher and opened my own studio, I often find myself just wanting to help others be real. To find who they are before the world had it’s way with them. To help others know they are not alone on this journey into the soul and that I will help them through the shadows.

My friendships changed, my circle became really small and I became a spiritual hermit. I went to the bar once to a concert and the entire night was a nightmare from the beginning to the end. I will never forget it because so much happened and I was sober to witness it all.

I think alcohol had me in a daze of a haze and I wanted to do more with life this year then avoid it.

I’ve been able to write and read a lot more then I ever have. I’ve been able to see things a lot more clearly then ever before and to understand the role I play in all of it.

In the beginning it might have felt like I was missing out, as I watched everyone having a “good time!” But as the year progressed so did my heart and my emotional well being. I deleted all old connections that were inauthentic and created new beginnings.

You see we numb, and we numb, and we numb, until we wake up and we decide to truly live. We make all of these agreements for our lives and then we adhere to them, even if they make us miserable.

But you weren’t born to be numb! You were born to be alive inside your own skin. To connect with your soul and heal your heart so others know how to do the same.

I woke up and I choose love. I removed all the obstacles in the way that were blocking me from receiving my God given Destiny.

It’s wasn’t easy and it still isn’t. I can read energy and I pick up a lot of “Who does she think she is?”

Alcohol is referred to as spirit because it actually kills your own spirit. When you become one with love and creation your spirit is your most amazing gift to beyond the thinking the mind. It’s also what the entire world is lacking, especially those in church every week.

And I’ll tell you this as simple as I can,

I am you and you are me and we are all connected. We all deserve love and light and unconditional presence. You are your brothers keeper. I am my sisters keeper. We all drink from the same well and we should never, ever, ever, judge.


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