Why I became a spiritual hermit

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

No matter where you are today, know that you are not alone. The world is whack and we need all of our light workers to activate their heart centers so we can flood the world with our lights.

I wish I could tell you the path is easy but it isn’t, because you will lose many along the way that aren’t for you. It’s not bad, or good, it just is a part of the spiritual journey. If you want To rise above fear it’s going to take a lot of work and spending time alone is your first assignment. If you are never alone you don’t even know what you like or you need, you are simply succumbing to the collective opinions and reasoning.

Some would tell you I stopped hanging out with people and going places, and while parts of that are very true, other parts are not.

I went into hermit mode in 2021, because I had to save my energy and create a new path going forward. Change isn’t easy which is why most people stay the same. But now, more then ever we need to you heal our hurts and expand beyond the thinking fear based mind.

We are entering a new earth and that doesn’t mean the old one explodes. It simply means you are being called to expand beyond your little head and create a new life around love.

Many people that started with you can’t end with you. Understand this is part of the process of letting go of the egotistical ways of living and embracing the truth of your spirit.

The world is cut the fuck off from their hearts. They think and think and think and act on outdated emotions. All the while strengthening the voices that need healed.

You are not the victim.

You are not the judge.

You are not the saboteur.

You are the voices in your head.

You are not your titles.

So who are you!????

Well my loves you are a beautiful soul in a human body and it’s time to wake up.


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