Little Lights Yoga 937

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

I hope this blog finds you all well. I’ve been a slacker at writing because I’ve been too busy sharing the love.

Positive Affirmations

When I quit my job I was teaching 1 yoga class a week. I knew that I was going to have to create more classes and share way more love if I wasn’t going to be doing hair anymore. This was also a lesson on money and teaching myself to live with way less then I was used to.

Bridge Pose

So I threw my entire heart and soul into growing a healing space for people to learn to love themselves in. I listened to my intuition and not my fears when it came to this adventure. If I had chosen my fears I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

I also teach the teens and the adults yoga, as I have wholeheartedly embraced that I was born for this. I decided to heal my own heart and by doing so I’ve been a channel of light for others to do the exact same thing.

Learning To Work Together

Yoga is so much more then what we do on the mat. The kids are my favorite because they haven’t lost their magic and they are learning so many amazing things while they are with us in yoga.

Little kids spend all of their days in their bodies. That’s why when they have a boo boo you never stop hearing about it. That’s why when they have to poop they are afraid! So when we do Little Lights, we bring them out of their bodies and into their heads.


We are creating new neuronal pathways to patience, self control and healthy expression of our emotions. Watching the same kids grow week after week is one of my favorite parts. It’s truly love in motion, and it’s a gift that I’m able to give them.

What’s in your heart?

If you were watching from the outside in you might not think our class is yoga, but it’s so much more. It’s love and it’s freedom of expression and it’s never ever suppressing feelings. Your kids need you to learn how to sit with their emotions, not make them go away. Not make them better. Talk about them and feel them so they can move on. If not our feelings get trapped inside of our bodies. Don’t believe me??? Why do you still hate that girl from middle school every time you see her?

It’s because you still have that unprocessed emotion inside of you and until you rip it out by the root it will always exist within you. If you want to love you, your going to have to do things differently. Emotional intelligence is not bestowed upon anyone. The seeker finds it because they know there’s something way more amazing beyond the pain body.

I’ve visited schools and churches and church camps. I’ve been to yoga studios, parks, and houses. I am very much like Jesus and outside as often as possible and barefoot.

I started My Safe Place, for kids and collect new yoga mats to give to the ones I meet that might need it. The hope would be that your mat is your safe place to escape to anytime that you might need a little break.

I am small but I am mighty. I give out many scholarships and donate yoga over the year so we often ask for donations and I’m quite surprised at how well it’s all worked out so far.

I was afraid and I was frozen when I decided to walk away from my 16 year love fest with the salon and hair. But I will admit to you now that I would do it all over again, because it’s the message I received.

To those who support my journey, I thank you. I could not do this alone. We are creating a new community of open hearted people who do things differently and that is all.

I love you 🤍


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