February 2022

Good morning Dear Ones 🤍

I know I haven’t written to you for a moment, but I’m often time perplexed by the world we live in.

The news media are complete frauds. They don’t report anything that doesn’t have to do with fear mongering their narratives.

Right now we are cheering on the truckers as they block Canada to take back our freedoms. It’s stretching all the way to the US border and they still won’t back down.

As it turns out I’m soooooo very proud of ALL of you who stood your ground in the name of freedom.

There were millions of dollars raised in support for the truckers but go fund me stopped it and is now returning the money. (Dirty)

The cops are taking their extra gas and threatening civil law suits, but our fine friends have had enough.

Action takers are brave and bold visionaries who I’ll always be remembered as the change the world needed.

Make no mistake in understanding that the rich got richer during these times.

Everyone will be healed accountable for their actions one day, even if it’s not on this earth.

Stay strong and keep going


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