Spiritual Hermit

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

If the last 2 years hasn’t changed you, then I’m not sure what will. My entire life has changed because of the choices I’ve made. It’s impossible to heal in the same environments that made you sick.

That means I had to cut off ALL of the relationships in my life that were not authentic.

I fell in love with doing my own thing. I became less accessible to people and more open to spirit. I only spend time with people who vibe at the same level as me, and I love it here.

I used to check in everywhere I went and post pictures of all of my adventures non stop. I was chasing the dream of growing my blog and becoming “famous” on the internet. But that’s changed completely, because I’ve changed. I no longer post anything unless it has to do with my yoga business or my writing.

The universe tells me that not everyone deserves access to my energy and I’ve decided to listen. My gift is being shared with the right company during yoga. We gather in community (common unity) with the goal of opening our hearts.

So my gifts are not being wasted, but rather saved for those on the same mission as mine. I gave up many many things over the last year. I spoke my truth to friends and family members, and as it turns out many of them couldn’t handle the truth.

Nonetheless I’m here to create a space for healing and feelings. Ending the dysfunction of co-dependent relationships and teaching self love through meditation and yoga.


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