A note to my younger self

Hi! It’s me, which is you in 2022. We made it through in case you were wondering. I know you thought that many times your life would never be amazing, but it is soooooooo full of love.

Please don’t ever beat yourself up for any of the choices you made along the way, as they we’re all a part of your healing process. I know at times it seems like you made all the wrong choices, but you didn’t!

You fall in love and get married and you have another beautiful child. You become a GiGI one day to a feisty little girl and she brings so much love into your life.

Your brave enough to talk about the pain you endured during your childhood. You write about it and you even teach other people how to love themself. You have the hard conversations with your mom and your grandma no matter what the outcome is.

Your mom is brave enough to take the journey into the light with you. She grows beside you, not resentful of you. But many other family members will not like what you say or do, but you weren’t born to make them happy. Your contract is between you and God.

You teach yoga and mediation and self love. You write a blog and you even quit your career in the name of freedom.

You use your voice to speak the truth. You stand up to the people in your life that have hurt you, or kept you small. You break free from the dysfunction of the things that families refuse to talk about.

You bring the elephant out in the room and you have hard conversations with people. You stop drinking alcohol and you start teaching kids yoga. You’re voice gets better as you heal and your able to express yourself in a much healthier way.

During this process your going to lose all of your inauthentic relationships, but they will be replaced by real ones. There will be many people who lie to you, and who do things to stop you from succeeding. But guess what dear one?!? Just like the little mermaid you find your voice again and you tell those people exactly how you feel.

I know your thinking I’m crazy but it’s ALL true. You are going to experience beautiful friendships with lots of laughter and love.

Your best friend is going to leave you and become an angel. But you are going to be strong for her, and stand by her side until she leaves this earth. This is going to hurt the most but there’s a reason you were her friend, and she will always be beside you.

You will forgive yourself for what you didn’t know, and you will change the future for all of the generations to come.

You will start your very own yoga studio and you will teach from a space in your heart of vulnerability and awareness. You will grow a new spiritual tribe of conscious friends and healers. You will be different then most because your pain has brought you wisdom and you are entering your crone years.

You will be remembered as someone who took action during uncertain times and the rest is still being written.

You forgive yourself for everything and you love and you love and you love.

💜Your Highest Self

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