Bye Bye Co-dependency

Good Morning Dear Ones! (Notice the change from beautiful souls, there’s an intention there) I just wanted to share some truths with you today.

The last 2 years have been fucking hard for everyone, everywhere and we all deal with the effects of trauma differently.

I spent a lot of time alone! In meditation, reading, doing yoga, writing, and all together attending to my own soul. Understanding that I had to become a spiritual hermit in order to do the work I was called to do.

After all of this time I see things clearly and through a new set of lenses. Always listening and watching and taking it all in. Accepting people for who they are, and letting go of ALL half ass energies in my life. If your words and actions don’t align I can’t allow you to take up space in my heart. You must learn to only say what you mean.

Its not easy to put your needs before someone else’s, especially on this earth, with all the unhealed souls. But I’ve chosen Tavia for the first time ever. In doing that I’ve had to honor my needs, and wants before anyone else’s.

Relationships with those I love are different or are completely gone because of the changes I’ve made to myself. While most of the people I started this journey with, are no longer beside me, it hasn’t stopped my internal growth. Some people can only be friends with toxic parts of you.

Something I’ve really learned through all of this is how unstable and dysfunctional my own relationships were. My mom is one of the only people that have been able to give me the space to be me. By that I mean our relationship has grown stronger and better because we’ve been able to talk authentically. But not everyone can grow and heal so we must be willing to let go.

When I finally quit being afraid, I could see people for who they are, and not who they could be, or were once. All the while understanding that people do things because they are broken. And it has nothing at all to do with us at all.

When you grow you attract others who want to grow.

Evolve or remain the same the choice is yours. Create healing or pass in your hurts.

Let go of your expectations and embrace the spirit.


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