How do I begin the self love process?

Good morning dear ones 💜

I hope this blog finds you all well, no matter where you are in the world. Yesterday I went to the Salt Spa with my friend Gina. I received some Reiki Energy work from her and then we climbed into the cave to relax.

As I was sitting here this morning drinking my coffee and reflecting on the entire experience, I felt led to write to you about self love. It can all be so overwhelming and confusing if you’ve spent your entire life beating yourself up.

So let me share with you a few things that will help you begin to understand yourself better. Self love should never be confused with egotistical love because they are completely different. One comes from the heart and the other one comes from the head.

If someone is always telling you how great they are and they have 25 different titles and achievements under their fb name, they probably have taken up permanent residence in their ego. Because the heart isn’t attached to “labels” and outside achievements, but the ego is.

The heart is the most beautiful and vulnerable space in our bodies. Our hearts cannot receive love if they are always clenched. So we must begin the process of opening ourselves so that we can learn to feel and love and to be here in the now.

The first thing I want you to ask yourself is this. What’s one thing you will not tolerate from your mother or your father? What’s your hard no? (I use your parents as an example because we’ve all struggled here)

Do you let your parents treat you like a child still, or are you an adult who calls them on their actions and takes appropriate measures to make sure your own children are not affected by their unhealed versions of self.

It’s a lesson in boundaries, and it’s one of the very first steps you need to take to change. We are often times taught that we must be faithful to people simply because they are related to us, but this is a lie.

No one can treat you bad because they are family. No one has admittance into your life simply because they’ve always been there. When you begin to love you, all the relationships will change. Some will survive and some will not and this is all a part of the growing process.

Some of you were born to continue the dysfunction and some of you were born to end it all. I hope you take the time to get real with you! To do the work on your shadows and to create a new future for those you love.

Where do you need to have more boundaries and where do you need to create more space to grow?


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