You are a quantum badass

I don’t know who needed to hear this today but you’re a multi-dimensional, quantum badass

Friends I know it might be really easy to get caught up in fear, but anxiety is simply caused by too much future.

You are a soul having a human experience in a body. But most of us are just stuck in our heads.

Thinking itself could be called hell on earth if you don’t know how to escape it.

The world has to go through this process because most people are still cherishing the wrong THINGS. (Hint people are where it’s as you don’t need to buy another thing)

I know it scary and at times it’s really freaking hard, but you got this. It’s a time for change and for love and those who don’t allow it in will not transform beyond fear.

They will always operate on a 3D level, and they will not level up. Others of you are transcending beyond fear and creating entirely new communities around unconditional love. You are taking down the walls you built around your heart and you are inviting the light in.

If your a light worker keep going I’m proud of you. If you need your cup filled come to yoga and I will take care of you.

Spiritual friends this time is for you 💜


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