A Voice For Lisa

Dear ones brace yourself for some beautiful and profound words. I recently posted on my fb about all the deaths surrounding us and how no one was talking about them. It actually sparked a healing conversation for many and it gave some friends a place to finally be heard and to not feel so alone.

With the permission of the beautiful soul who wrote her story below, I would invite you to read her story. I’m thankful she’s decided to share with us because we don’t want her to ever feel like she’s the only one.

I am blessed and honored to know her and to have known her beautiful daughter also. I’m proud of her for not being afraid anymore and for speaking her truth as it will help many others find her.

Written by Lisa Harman

My beloved daughter Chelsea passed away November 10 of 2020. She tested negative for Covid 3 days before she died! She was a victim so to speak of severe allergies all year round. They diagnosed her with Bronchitis-Sinusitis. Which she would always get every year around at that time. Put her on a steroid and an a antibiotic.

They sent her to Montgomery County Morgue where they said she tested positive for Covid. Mind you as she laid in a deep freeze for 5 days before they could give me an answer, took us 11 days to bury our child), This infuriated me. They DID NOT do an autopsy on her, and they put cause of death as Covid! Said they don’t do autopsies on Covid positive deceased .. believe me they got an ear full from me. I feel they just wanted to mark it as Covid ..
The issue with this is she was 32 years young, she was hypertensive but basically pretty healthy otherwise.
Did she have a false negative at first and then a False Positive, who knows or vice versa.
The shots were not available at that point, not until January or February of 2021.
Maybe she would have taken the shot and maybe not. Due to having high blood pressure ( underlying condition),maybe , due to her severe allergies maybe
This issue with forcing people to take it is bull crap.. should be your decision , your getting it whether you have had the shot or not..
I do not call it a vaccine, it is a shot like you would have for the flu.
A vaccine eradicates the problem, makes it go away Now they are wanting you to get a booster for every variant.. are you kidding me.. it’s never going away, we have to learn to live with it .
Do I have a problem with someone getting the shot.. No, that’s your decision! It should be your decision , and no one should be down your throat if you do or don’t.
My husband and I have both had the shot back in March of 2021. We were traveling to different states and back then we didn’t know as much as we do now. Has it protected us , who knows, we try and stay healthy and maybe we have a good immune system. Are we getting the Booster. It’s not likely. But I would NEVER tells someone or act a different way toward someone who decided to get it or not to get it.
It’s a Personal Choice!!!

If you are local and want to share anything with us, we are here for you.


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