The Gift Of Love

Good Morning Beautiful Souls

Happy New Year from my heart to yours! We all just finished one the craziest years in history, and to think we all asked to be here right now?!?!?

I worked really hard in 2021 to create a space for people to come to and to feel safe. I knew I had to provide some stability and spiritual practice in their lives no matter what was happening on earth. This wasn’t always easy as it was not easy for my students either. Just getting to class was a struggle some weeks.

Trying to do the mundane things in the middle of spiritual warfare will have you feeling ALL kinda of ways. When there a lot of uncertainty in the world it produces a shit ton of fear.

And being a teacher of light in the middle of the darkest days on earth is not for everyone. But since I claimed self love as a mission before I came here, then it’s my duty to uphold my gifts and to use my magic to create more love.

And I did just that! The future is unknown and ever changing, because the conscious ones will lead with love and light. And every single time you choose presence over partying you change the future.

When choose honesty over lying you change the future. When your vulnerable instead of bitchy you change the future. When you heal instead of carry on the family dysfunction you change the future. When you speak truth to bullshit you change the future.

You are in control dear ones.

Last night when my friend and I went to yoga, we made our lights brighter so that we could share our love with someone who needs it. How different our lights would have been if we went out and gossiped and got drunk. You see, your energy and your choices are creating the future.

The last class I taught in 2021 was an amazing gift to everyone who was there. We started our class with a gratitude circle and everyone shared something that they were thankful for.

I went first and I kept it short and sweet because I was already emotional and I still had to teach. I said I was so very thankful for my student because without them there was no class.

As we went around the circle all of the answers were beautiful and amazing. But a few of the women said almost the exact thing. And every single time they said it, I cried big ass alligator tears. We even had new people in class and they cried with us, that’s how special it was.

And when they answered I knew that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing at this time in my life.

They said that they were thankful that they had learned how to love themselves. To make time for themselves and even as I type this I’m getting chills from the spirit.

My heart melted to know that they are receiving the love and the peace that their beautiful hearts deserve. It is the most magical and messy journey into the heart, and the hurts that have been trapped inside our bodies, but they are doing it like a boss. Their testimonies were absolutely magical and amazing and they are changing their futures one class at a time.

If your a light worker, an earth angel, or a star seed (whatever you choose to call it)you must step into your light and accept your souls mission. The world need you to be you, and that is all.

You are the glitch in the matrix


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