If avoiding worked, the whole world would be healed

Healing occurs on a spiritual level.
Your stuck in your head.
You hate your body.
And you wouldn’t know how to find your spirit with a compass.

This is part of being human.
When you’ve exhausted all your earthly options and your ready to heal from the inside out, get in touch with me.

If your medicine worked you wouldn’t need a refill.

If the latest diet fad worked, you wouldn’t gain your weight back.

If avoiding worked, the whole world would be healed.

Depressions in your gut, so why the meds?

I could go on and on and on, but here’s the truth, you have to become an expert on you.

You must be willing to admit that what you’ve always done, will always produce the same results:

What’s the same?


Humans are messy and amazing all at once and if you don’t stop whatever your doing, and examine it closely, you will have passed on the dysfunction.

Your good at following the crowd

I’m good at doing things differently

You have free will

I believe in your ability to wake up from your own head💜


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