Merry Christmas 2021???

Awakened Soul Yoga
Would like to wish you ALL a very merry Christmas 🎄

Here’s a little glimpse into my heart and home. Our family is sending you ALL the good vibes today.

Reminding you if your happy or if your sad you are exactly where you need to be. Feel whatever your little heart needs to feel today and understand that you can’t find the light without the darkness.

🎄My Christmas gift to you is free
🎄it’s a way to help anxiety
🎄Just download the app and listen with care
🎄And soon you will find your heart to share

🎄A break from your head is just what you need
🎄I promise you’ll feel better & you’ll plant a new seed
🎄You are not your thoughts or your silly brain
🎄Your a soul having a human experience and no 2 are the same

🎄Your mission is to wake up from your slumber and to do your part
🎄To live your life fully with an open heart
🎄Even if it’s been broken from the very start

🎄This year has been different for many reasons
🎄It’s time for us to enter the loving seasons
🎄To let go of all people places and things
🎄 That don’t feel like sunshine or give us our wings

🎄Your mission is different then most here on earth
🎄Your soul agreed to forget with your birth
🎄But as you remember why you are here
🎄The light on the path suddenly comes clear

🎄The most beautiful things in life have been broken
🎄But they are quite often the most eloquently spoken
🎄For it isn’t a perfect life that one seeks
🎄But the love that many of us never received




The app is insight timer
And it’s free
And it will change your life

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