Meet Yourself Wherever You Are This Holiday Season

Meet yourself wherever you are this Holiday Season.
Don’t fake it until you make it, instead feel it until you heal it.
I love you ALL and you will find a glimmer of light and hope in the middle of the darkness, even if your unsure how.

So many people I know are in a tough place right now, as is quite expected when the world literally tries to scare you to death.

It’s been a rough go my beautiful souls for the last couple of years and if your tired, rest your weary hearts. It’s not your brain or your body that needs a break but your beautiful spirit.

I believe that you can create your own Christmas magic and here’s a few ideas for you to try. You don’t need to be fake happy, you just need to simply be. These are a few things that I do when I need some of my own magic in my heart.

🎄Smile at strangers in stores, you might be the only smile they get all week.

🎄Put your phone down and make eye contact when out in public, or ordering food. Be present and show someone they are more important then the device in your hand.

🎄Put a surprise on someone’s porch that you love and that would least expect the blessing.

🎄Call whoever you miss and tell them you love them.

🎄Use your words to say out loud how you feel because people are not mind readers and words are magical if used properly.

🎄Let someone go ahead of you in traffic.

🎄Give a donation to your favorite small business.

🎄Let go of all the expectations you have for Christmas and simply learn to be here in the now.

I understand you
I see you
I love you
I will hold space for your darkness when others are put off by it

You are the spirit of love and Christmas and it is through you that the magic will come alive.

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