Letting Go

Good morning beautiful souls, it’s almost Christmas time and I’m hoping you feel magical.

Even if you don’t it’s ok, some of the joy will creep it’s way into your heart sooner or later. This has been quite a year hasn’t it?

I know it has been for me. I’ve learned to let go of a lot of people and places and things. I’ve learned how to not be co-dependent with anyone in my life and to finally break free from the chains of the past.

As en empath I’m a sucker for words. I actually believe in what people say to me. I trust them when they say they are going to do something. I always see the best in you even when you can only see the mess in you.

But me seeing the best in you has nothing to do with my own boundaries and self love. If you say your going to do something and then you don’t do thats your karma. But my karma comes in now, with the response.

Do I pretend it never happened and sweep it under the rug?

Do I have the courage to call you on your bs?

Do I push it away and wait until the next time, hoping there won’t be a next time?

Or do I just tell you that you hurt my feelings?

I used to do the first 3 before I knew my worth. But now I will tell you the truth about how I feel every single time.

I won’t go gossip to my family or my friends about you, because I’m coming straight to the source. That’s how you know if people are real or fake. Listen to the words the speak, and how they talk about others. Triangles are the weakest form of communication around and only unhealthy souls form them.

I learned a lot about people this year and letting go. But I what I really let go of was the people who’s actions didn’t match their words.

Your words are your legacy, remember that.

May you learn to love yourself in such a way that you would rather be alone then surrounded by fake ass people.

Actions speak louder then words every single time.


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