I know it does NOT feel like December

I know dear one I know, and you are not alone. After last December you might have thought that we could all catch a break, but this years just as screwy as last.

To those who are not spiritual souls, please close this blog and move along because it’s written for those who believe in magic.

It’s been another rough year and it doesn’t quite feel like December. But we shall make it through and create magical moments, no matter how little they might seem. You rest if you need as long as you like. You fill your own cup so you can share your light. We need your presence and your peace, but most of all we need your heart wide open.

If you’ve felt like the world is heavy you are not alone. If you’ve lost people that you thought you would never lose, you are not alone. If you have tried to talk to those you love about being less afraid, but they can’t hear you, you are not alone. if you feel like some people haven’t changed a single thing during the most crucial times of our entire lives, you are not alone. If you feel unsupported and unloved, you are not alone. If you feel as though your walking underwater backwards in slow motion, you are not alone.

I feel all of those things and more, and the scariest part is that I chose to be alive and fulfilling this earthly mission!?!?!? What was my soul thinking? Like girl, maybe you could just be compliant like everyone else. Maybe you could pretend that all of this was absolutely normal and that it would soon be over. Maybe you should not heal your shit and disrupt the entire family dysfunction. Maybe you should just “fit in”! Maybe you shouldn’t tell the truth and maybe you should just keep your mouth shut and not be like Ariel. Maybe your life would be easier if you did what everyone else did.

And let me just interrupt my shadow real fast before she tries to steal the show. I just wanted you to see that what you feel I feel too. I don’t let my shadow run the show anymore. Her sassy ass lingers in my heart, but she’s complacent on the shelf I’ve placed her on until I’m ready to use her again.

Dear ones you are living through the craziest times of your entire life. And while I do NOT trust man, I believe what Gods word says, and he told us that in the end of times your DNA would be altered. Truths ✌️ He also told us that there would be a mark of the beast, and that there would be a cashless society.

I’m just going to leave that right there for now. Understand that you have free will but that you are inviting negativity, drama, and even demons into your life by spending so much time on your phones.

Fruits of the spirit, and attributes of the devil

are not the same. Social media has you full of, un-forgiveness, hatred and fear and it’s by your win doing. You choose to spend your time in places that make you small, instead of learning how to do the work of the spirit.

Be picky with where you spend your time. Admit your addiction to your phone, and then overcome it. Surround yourself with hearts like yours, and remember that you are creating a digital imprint and only you can change its course.


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