New Family Traditions

Good morning beautiful souls. I hope you had the best Thanksgiving ever, and are ready to prepare for the most wonderful time of the year.

Our daughter is 17 and we are feeling the crunch of the lasts creeping upon us. Half way into her Junior year and we stop and smell the roses quite often.

We went on an old fashion family adventure and got us a real Christmas tree Clark. It was absolutely freezing outside, but we had so much fun.

It was the cutest little farm I’ve ever seen. The character and the love that goes into that place was felt by all who were around. I love small little family establishments ran with hope and love. It was truly a blessing to find and I’m thankful that my friend told us all about it.

Wet dog

We all agreed on this little beauty, after walking around aimlessly for a while. I liked it because it was 2 different colors on this side, but it was all the same color on the other side. The family liked it because it was the right height, and they liked the fullness as well.

But guess what happened as my husband began to cut the tree? Well I’ll tell you that they said it’s never ever happened before, so I feel honored it happened to us. That’s how our family is! No coincidences, just amazing and cool experiences that were conscious enough to enjoy. As he cut that tree down and it fell over, it turns out that 1 tree was 2 trees growing together.

So we had to actually go find another tree, but we thought that was really cool and there was no way we could have 2 trees at once.

So we wondered around a little bit longer and we found our first real tree. Our daughter was not happy we woke her up early to do this, but I believe she was glad she joined us by the end.

You can cut the tree yourself, or they will do it for you with a chainsaw. After you cut it down they put your name on it and haul it to the front for you.

Don’t think the adventure stops there, because it doesn’t. Before you get to bring your new tree home, they put it on this little shaker to get all of the loose pines off.

Next it goes through this hole and comes out all wrapped up and ready to go. But before that it gets one final adjustment, as it goes to the next machine and gets a hole drilled in the bottom.

They have hot chocolate for you, and little fires going to help keep you warm.

Never think it’s too late to start a new tradition. If the last couple of years haven’t made you see what’s important and what’s not, I almost feel sorry for you.

I love these 2 more then they will ever know and I absolutely loved our adventure to Irwins.

We happen to think it’s the perfect little tree, for our imperfectly perfect family.

Stay strong friends in the middle of adversity. Surround yourself with the dreamers, the doers, and the magic makers, they will see you through.

God Bless you ALL


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