I understood the assignment

We are in the midst of the longest, saddest, most excruciating and unsatisfying I TOLD YOU so in the history of the world.

It brings me no great pleasure to post this, but nonetheless I’m here to tell the truth.

Do you know how hard it’s been since I quit my job? Do you know how lonely it is when everyone else continues doing things there same way they always have?

Do you get that there’s a reason why God uses the broken ones? It’s because we will listen to the spirit instead of the head. We will allow him to whisper into our hearts and then we will be brave enough to go against what the world wants.

I’m thankful that finally a year and half later people are making a stand. The pilots are leading the way, and now the worlds so excited for them.

But world, I told you all of this a year ago, and you all thought I was crazy. Honestly there’s not been many people who said “Tavia, I’m proud of you and your moral compass”. There’s been lots of judgment and self comparison. I’ve been mocked and made fun of and I’ve yet to waver away from the truth.

It’s not satisfying to say I told you so, especially with where we are all headed. It’s not fun to be the only who has the audacity to see through the bullshit from the very beginning.

It wasn’t easy walking away from the cash I made doing hair. I had to give up all the things that were extra so I could do Gods work, and I would do it all over again. But I did it, because I understand the difference between right and wrong and you cannot blur my lines.

I was made for this! Trust me when I tell you that we will all remember who took action and who did nothing. You will not survive this world without a heart and a spirit that’s ready to embrace love.

It doesn’t really matter what everyone else thinks, because it’s between God and I! 💜



I understood the assignment

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