Your spirit is calling

Good morning beautiful souls. I hope your surviving the evil on earth, and that your choosing faith over fear every single day.

As you all know I quit my job a year ago because none of their shenanigans made any sense. And try as I might to convince the people I love to trust me instead of trusting the government, and no one would listen.

I’m like dude, the government doesn’t love you but I do! And they didn’t believe me, and they probably still don’t.

It’s as though the entire world is being lead by their heads and any sort of common sense just doesn’t exist. I’m going to hit you with some hard truths today and if you don’t want to change then just scroll on by.

The fact is that you’ve been lied to and gas lighted by the bad guys.

You have always had free will. You do not have to participate in the evil. But you do have to unplug from the matrix if you want to survive.

It turns out that fb is the biggest sight around for child sex trafficking. But the people won’t stop using it, instead they continue to gorge on the platform and by doing so they help the bad guys.

And they remain in their unconscious sleepwalking state all the while they are pointing their fingers and blaming everyone else.

Listen Linda, you better find your spirit really, really fast like. You need to repent and to change your ways today, so that you do not end up a number in the death games.

The devil owns your ass on social media and just because you can’t admit it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Stop wasting what time is left on those who were never meant to hear the message.

Make no mistake when I tell you that God uses the people who are crazy enough to do his work.

You cannot be of this world and of his world.

The longer you choose to partake in mind numbing, soul stealing activities, the further away from your true self you will be.

Moses momma didn’t comply and I’m just like her.

You will not survive this afraid.

Mandates aren’t laws and never will be (free will)

Nothings been approved by the FDA and who cares if it was.

The pilots aren’t striking only Bc of forced vac. But because of deaths caused in the air by those who revived the shot.

Unplug and get still! Find a real life community and connect today.


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