Mindfulness Helps Your Mental Health

We are celebrating World Mental Health Day
And we wanted you to know that you are loved and you are NEVER alone, no matter what your head tells you.

Sometimes we get stuck talking about our issues and never really know how to get beyond the suffering, and I was just like you. In fact my mind still loves to create scenarios where I’m always the victim.

But I’ve been able to take the time to heal my hurts so I don’t believe the voices in my head anymore. You are worthy of the most precious life, and I will believe in you until you believe in yourself.

Understand this dear one, all suffering occurs in the head and not in the heart. You are soooooo much more then your thoughts, but this world doesn’t want you to know that. This world wants to slap a label on you and give you a prescription, because they make money from your suffering.

I bring you an amazing free gift that will help you immediately with your anxiety. It’s one of my favorite yoga poses known as Legs Up The Wall.

Should you ever find yourself lost in anxiety, remember this post. Your mind will tell you ALL the reasons why you shouldn’t do this, and why it won’t work. But let me remind you that you are not your thoughts.

This pose will immediately make your heartbeat slow down because of the flow of your blood. It will bring a balance between the mind, body and soul and you will feel different when your done.

You my dear one are so much more then a brain. You are a beautiful soul having an earthly experience and the sooner you learn about yourself, the sooner you will bring peace to your own heart.

💜 Tavia

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