Things Are Weird

Good Morning Friends! Sometimes I feel the need to just share the randomness of our world right now. I think in need to write it down because we will surely not believe any of it looking back.

So here my observations I want to remember. The media is lying and hiding all the things, unless they fit their scare tactics.

We have entire football stadiums full of people while my local school wants to still mask my kindergarten grand baby. But here’s the kicker, none of the surrounding schools have masked their kids once this year. Listen Linda it wasn’t your job to protect the kids health in the first place, so just step back and know your role. You will be judged for your actions by the Alpha & the Omega.

Parents have had enough and the government wants to label moms and dads with voices as “domestic Terrorists”, meanwhile millions of illegal aliens are coming through our borders every single day.

Japan and a few other countries have admitted that herd immunity works, but Australia and France and the US have some kind of shady shenanigans.

Suburbs are not playing mask games, but bigger cities are. However we did notice while the signs asked you to wear a mask, the business itself didn’t enforce it. (And if they did we would just go spend our money elsewhere)

Soooooo many perverts are being caught right now from Catholic Churches, to undercover stings in schools, and all the child sex trafficking is finally coming out. But the media doesn’t cover it and you have to find the information on your own. Follow the Underground Railroad and find Tim Ballard.

FB created their own whistle blower, who was then on 60 minutes that night, and then the very next day in front of congress. That chics got some massive pull. But wait….. she was a diversion and guess who shut down their servers for many hours?!? You guessed it FB! Another bit of misinformation to keep you confused and guessing, but you all were on this one fast! I’m proud of your awakening.

Project Veritas has the best and real whistle blowers around. People with a conscious are all stepping into the light to share their truths.

Telegram is our friend.

Many people refuse to even partake in any nonsense anymore. The matrix is your tv, your phone, your sports, shopping, and all the things that make you avoid the soul.

I’m going to need to write one of these monthly just to look back and be sure it really happened.

Stay strong and understand that you’ve always had free will. All of your choices are yours to make. No one can force you to do anything you don’t want to do, unless your so lead by fear you walk straight into it.

Those who are not awake have chosen not to be, and you would be wise to foster your own light and let go of the idea that your job is to awaken anyone.


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