The story you tell yourself vs the truth

Good morning beautiful souls! I hope your all taking the time to find stillness, so that you can bring more peace to the world.

Yesterday I did a live about how we are living in story telling mode in our heads. Today I’m following that up with a few action steps you need to take to update your blueprints.

If your stuck in story telling mode then it might look like this. I love this person so much. We are soooo close. They are a part of my heart. They love me and will always be in my life.And blah blah blah goes the story.

Maybe that person is and always will be in your heart, and that’s super cool. But if we want to bring our stories to current time then we have to ask ourselves some questions.

First of all being, how often do I spend time in real life with person? When was the last time that we hung out? Do I connect in real life with them? Or is it just social media? Because we’ve all traded in real life connection for pretend lives online.

Questions like these bring us out of story telling mode and into the now. They force us to examine the facts and not the lingering feelings or memories.

When I took the time to take inventory on my relationships, it seems as though many were coming up short.

We used to spend time together. We used to talk from the heart and not the head. We used to have something special that was unique to us. We used to be closer but now we’re not.

People will always spend time doing what they want they want to do, and they will make excuses as to why they aren’t doing the other things.

The truth about relationships are that they are hard work if you want to have healthy ones, and people will always show you their true colors. When it comes to friends you’ve got a couple of choices as life goes on. You can be vulnerable and real and move forward with love and understanding. Or you can ghost someone because they told you that you hurt your feelings.

Everything happens for a reason.

So I ask you today what story do you tell yourself that’s completely untrue?

Where do you need to spend less time?

Where do you need to spend more?

True life isn’t lived in your head, but rather in your heart.


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