The Power Behind The Tongue

Have you ever wondered why humans are the only ones who can speak words?!? No animals can talk, or flowers, or trees. Water and fire might have their own language, but it’s not words.

So why on earth do we get the privilege of having this beautiful gift? And while I’m asking questions, how many people misuse their words on a daily basis?

My love language used to be words of affirmation, because I both love and hate words. I’m going to go as far as to say that when you use your words for kindness and goodness that it expels some kind of positive energy and magic into the world. Like white magic almost.

And on the flip side of that, if your words are full of contempt, bitterness or judgement, then those words are the opposite of white magic and we shall call them dark.They are in essence evil and dark energies with negativity attached to them.

I know I know, that’s how your momma talked to you, and her momma talked to her. Most of us were shamed into acting and believing that what others were saying was true.

We were taught that we were responsible for the vomit that came out of our parents mouths, and that if we wanted love then we were going to have adjust our actions to receive it.

That’s not how it should be, and if your not super aware of what’s happening around you, then you will have already started to carry over the dysfunction into your family.

How you use your words matter. How you were talked to as a child matters. How you talk to your kids matter and your tone matters more then you can ever imagine.

Verbal abuse is just as awful as physical abuse. But instead of seeing the scars, the kids are stuck with them inside their heads and after a while they start to believe them.

Just because you were shamed, and blamed doesn’t mean you have to continue the dysfunction. Just because you were taught that your behavior is acceptable doesn’t mean that it is. And if you don’t take caution to change the past, you will see the abuse occur again and again. Just watch your families with your own children and then ask yourself who is in denial.

God tells us that he comes first, so I ask you is he first in your life?

Guess what’s next?!? Your marriage! Not your job, your hobbies, or your friends, but your marriage. Is your marriage the second most worked on relationship in your life?

Thirdly he says take care of your family. You’ve created this amazing group of people so don’t spend your days trying to escape them. That’s not Gods plan.

If you follow those 3 rules, you should find your words automatically sprinkled with the fruit of the spirit and the wisdom of the heart.

Check yourself 💜

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